Honour Based Violence

Honour based violence (HBV) is the term commonly used for abuse perpetrated in the name of honour: a concept which describes perceived cultural and religious standards. HBV is usually perpetrated by family members (most often parents, aunts and uncles or older siblings) and usually against girls and women. HBV mostly affects those of a South Asian origin.

HBV is used to control the victim and to punish them for bringing ‘shame’ on the family when they have done something the family does not approve of. Examples include leaving home (leaving control/abuse) or being in a relationship with someone ‘unapproved’. Forced marriage is a form of HBV. There is approximately 12 ‘honour killings’ every year in the UK.

Honour based violence is domestic abuse and as such describes a collection of crimes for which perpetrators can be prosecuted. The main distinction between HBV and Domestic abuse is that HBV is usually perpetrated with a level of collusion from others, whereas most domestic abuse is perpetrated by one person against another and is ‘behind closed doors’.

To report a case of Honour based violence, for advice and help or professional guidance, contact any of the following:
Karma Nirvana: 0800 5999247 http://www.karmanirvana.org.uk/
Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO): 0207 920 6490 www.ikwro.org.uk
Forced marriage unit: +44 (0) 20 7008 0151
fmu@fco.gov.uk Also available on facebook and twitter: @FMUnit
Sojourner project: 020 7840 7147
In an emergency call 999.

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